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Ice Dragon, March ?? 39 (2005)

Partial Court Report Court Report of Their Excellencies, William
Freskyn Murray and Katherine Keirsey, Baron and Baroness of the
Rhydderich Hael. Court held at Ice Dragon, March ??, 2005, AS XXXIX.
This report Published in the Ice Dragon, March XXXIX (2005).

The following member of the new pack of Hael Hounds were called into
Lord Cynwulf Rendell
Lord Gawin Hawkseye
Baron Connor Bowsplitter
Lord Franz Belgraunde die Mus
Lord Milhim Ibn Rashid
Viscountess Susan of Fox Meadow
THL Thomas of Bear Woods
Lady Asmerelda Scales
Master Charles of Alden
Lady Diane the Scribner
THL Caleb Reynolds the Diligent
Lord Robert of Hazeltine Rashid Alhasred
While these gentles were in Baronial Court their Excellencies
presented these archers with a favor to show all that the Hael Pack is

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