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Baronial Birthday Celebration, Dec ??, AS XXX

After a feast of magnificent and epic proportions, (or perhaps I
describe my waistline after tasting the delicacies), the Court of
Connor and Rosemund opened. The following items of business were

Lord Berhend of Two Waters awarded the winners of the fencing
competition. The award for best death was given to Lord Henri DuPont,
who in the last delirious throes of death resolved to take his enemy
with him to the other side, However it was not a fencer he had taken
down with him, but a heraldic display of the peerage. Charlene of
Scozille won a leather jerkin as the best novice. Cairin Thorne won a
Chainmail belt made by Everhart the Bald. Viscount Christopher of York
took home a can of ham as the most theatrical.

The Bardic Guild stepped up then and Connor and Rosemund signed their
charter. They are now and official Rhydderich Hael Guild.

Sir Bedawyr presented the results from the Old Man's Tourney and they
were as follows:
I-5 years Calvin with 33 points
6-10 years Callidus with 35 points
11-25 years Bearengar with 40 points came in 3rd
Morguhn with 54 points came in 2nd
Hasdrubal with 70 3/4 points came in 1st

The warriors who stormed Fort Erie presented a scroll to the Baron and
Baroness to commemorate the event. Biotta was heard to say "Rising
waters got the kitchens, but we got the bathrooms".

Lontrallo presented Spam jerky to their excellencies (a bit of an
acquired taste) and Robert of Hazeltine presented Baron Connor with
the thief who stole his Combos (pretzel snacks) at Pennsic (a
mechanical raccoon in a bag).

Fionnghuala na Liosa Linne presented the awards for the gaming tourney
as Lord Brandric Rockslayer was in absentia. Honorable Mention went to
Risa Pearl and Cerridwen of Heygate. They received Pennsic water
sippers with votive candles inside. In third place was Tetsuhara
Shikohasu, who received the same prize. In second place, Daniel
Moorholm who received a miniature Mancala set and in First place was
Sherry Rogney who received a miniature chess set.

The next item of business was the award of the prizes from the Barons
and Baroness present. First, Baron Sir Bedawyr who presented his award
to Matthias Sean Cameron for generosity in the list. Baroness Ceol
Seobhac presented hers to Cedric of Armorica to give to his lady who
had made him a most beautiful set of garb. Baron Connor presented his
to Tashmit, who although new, had been at sight at the crack of dawn
and had worked all day at the event. Finally Baroness Rosemund had
presented hers to Countess Elena, the wearer of a sideless surcoat
that was intricately detailed in cross-stitch by hand.

Lord Berhend of Two Waters appeared back in court for his Creative
cooking skills. It seems that Lord Berhend is famous for making do in
adversity and had actually turned his rapiers into cooking skewers. He
bears the title "Rapier Roaster" and is now the principal in the newly
created "Baronial Order for Creative Engineering Systems" (BOCES).

Lord Vblgaar Thorgulsson and House Wyvern were given a Haelstone for
hospitality at war. They gave space from their encampment to many
people who had no place.

At last, Robert of Hazeltine was called into the court and the
Venerable Order of the Ice Dragon were called in after him. After he
received his award, the order stayed to induct yet one more new
member: Lady Laurencia du Fond.

After all the awards had been given, Connor and Rosemund thanked the
populace for their first year in office. Lord Thomas of Bear Woods led
the populace in a rousing cheer for the tremendous job the Baron and
Baroness had done.

I hope everyone got home safely, and enjoyed their day as much as I
did. Despite snow, emergencies and all other issues, the membership of
the VOID gave us a wonderful day to remember for our Baronial

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